Hungary's 2014 Economic Freedom and the Rise of Antisemitism

Zoltan Kesz presents Hungary's Economic Freedom and the Rise of Antisemitism. In 2014 the political environment of Hungary is changing as Cronyism, Collectivism, Nationalism and the Rise of Racism becomes more mainstream in Hungary. He warns about Racist political groups such as Jobbik whose antisemitic rhetoric reminds Hungarians that antisemitic Nazism really has never gone away in Hungary. As a matter of fact it is in the rise with Jobbik who garnered over 20% of the vote in the 2014 national elections. Groups like Szabad Piac Alapitvany are standing up to expose hatred, cronyism of the state and disappearing economic freedoms of private Hungarians not associated with the state. This intriguing presentation is cause for every world citizen to stand up against hatred, racism and government cronyism.

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